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Steel D2 (60-61 HRC)

Titanium milled handles

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Blade length 4.33 inch

Full length 10.43 inch

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers

Titanium latch

Weight 5.9 o.z.

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Purple, Standard

11 reviews for Smoke

  1. @phantom_nicer_knives

    This balisong is great! Smooth, sharp, long, well balanced. But if you want your Smoke a bit customized, buy it via IG, because @general_stas makes literally everything you want! Very nice. My first Grail Balisong.


    Get one of these. You will be glad you did.

  3. Tristan Young (verified owner)

    This thing is bad ass. High quality, feels good, but sharp as hell. It’ll bite you if you’re not careful but its worth it

  4. Jeannie Dollar (verified owner)

    One of the best quality balisongs ever! They managed to get it to us with all the COVID restrictions and we are quite pleased with the transaction.

  5. Ninja SR (verified owner)

    The Smoke it’s amazing! The tanto style with the little angle on the top give it a unique looking on the market. The weight and balance as well, good for flipping and cutting your own finger! Very sharp! In the hand, it become precious, a jewel! You can just say, I hold something from far in unexpected place!

  6. idontlikedylan

    One of the greatest flippers in my opinion. Mine is best to death and holding up amazingly. Only problem with it is the previous owner broke on of the tang pins.

  7. Jared R

    Amazing Quality, this quite possibly the best knife ive ever owned 100% will be buying more in the future! From the titanium channeled handles to the razor sharp D2 blade you could not ask for more.

  8. Jacob Peterson (verified owner)

    I was surprised by the quality of this knife when it came. With every knife I buy I test the point to see the sharpness by lightly tapping my finger on it. This knife drew blood and is by far the sharpest knife I own.

  9. Christopher Gugrel (verified owner)

    This balisong is just. WOW
    Like, its my first live blade, and i cant stop flipping it. its by far the sharpest blade i‘ve seen, and its definetly highest quality… Konstantin can only laugh when he sees the prices of Benchmade Brs… Its truly amazing!!

  10. Brandon de Loa (verified owner)

    The anticipation was killing me for this to come in,
    And today it finally did and I’ll I can say is wow. At a loss of words from the craftsmanship, the weight on this knife is EXACLTY what I was looking for, the anodizing looks amazing.. the blade is a little larger than expected but that’s no problem for me!! Flips super quietly, but overall a solid knife. Super reliable for communication, had it customized free of charge. I’d definitely recommend this for my friends!!

  11. Gohma (verified owner)

    My first Tonto and im not disappointed, this thing is a monster, super sharp

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