Moria “Black carbon”

(3 customer reviews)

187.00 $ 130.90 $



Steel N690

58 HRC

Titanium liners

Carbon overlays

Titanium spacers

Titanium latch

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers

Blade length 3.5 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 8.11 inch

Weight 3.95 oz

3 reviews for Moria “Black carbon”

  1. Stephen Templar (verified owner)

    The Moria – black carbon is a world class balisong in every way. Excellent build quality, magnificent materials, super smooth and the cutting edge is very refined and extremely sharp. This is a knife for knife users. It’s light and strong with a great pocket clip. This is my new EDC! I love it!!!

    This knife is absolutely perfect for those who prefer the reverse grip for swing and use.

  2. Torrie Houts (verified owner)

    It’s arrival was awaited with baited breath and anxious heel, and I’m happy to say that yet again Astropo’s masterful metallurgy, his attention to every minute detail of craft, and his innovative designs are nothing short of awe inspiring. I feel that everyone should strive to become such an Apex of their respective craft, to hone it and to love it until you become one with, I imagine that’s the level of perfection found in these knives. When you hold one you can tell it did not come from any factory, any production line, no fancy CNC machine, but rather someones blood, sweat, and tears spilt upon the workbench over which hours are spent toiling. Thank you, yet again. Perfect EDC as far as I feel about it, the forward index groove adds a very positive feeling to the grip of the knife allowing for its employ in numerous utilitarian purposes. No matter which knife you choose you will always get the same level of superb craftsmanship, I’d wager my first born son that there is no other quite like Astropos out there and no one in the States crafting tools anywhere near this level.

  3. Delaneyc (verified owner)

    This is a truly amazing, beautiful, and badass knife worth every penny. You can tell that it was handmade but with extreme precision and care. The grip feels amazing and perfectly fits within the hand. I’ve seen commenters in other places (people who haven’t purchased it obviously) saying that it wouldn’t flip well, but my experience has been quite the opposite. The uneven handles take a little bit to get used to, but the knife flips quite well in my experience (I’ll admit I’m not the most experienced flipper and use it mostly for and EDC though). The last thing I’ll say is about the carbon. It is far more polished then other carbon fiber knives I’ve owned and might even be covered with resin or something. However, it is extremely smooth, light, and feels amazing in the hand as well as looks great. Truly an amazing EDC knife by atropos and I could not recommend it more!

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