Kratos Lite

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Steel N690

59 HRC

Full milled aluminium handless

Bronze washers

Stainless steel bushings

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Blade length 4.33 inch

Full length 10.43 inch

Weight 4.7 oz

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Latchless, Standard, Trainer, Trainer and live blade

29 reviews for Kratos Lite

  1. Hannes (verified owner)

    this is a nice ballanced (this is with brass spacers) beautiful knife, bushing system is perfect tuned.. so there is no tap very little play and nice sound, sharp as all from atropos 🙂 thxxx!!!

  2. adwarr92 (verified owner)

    Awesome balisong everything about it is flawless

  3. Michael Kern

    Definitely one of the best balisongs I’ve ever flipped in this price range. Awesome tuned bushing system and it’s sound is amazing. Thanks for a fast delivery and an uncomplicated transaction.

  4. deadxmang

    Good sharp knife nice handles and flips are fun !.

    But the screws / hardware is really weak and strips super easily!!! . 🙁 now have to buy some easy out bits to try and fix the one handles..

    I like the knife but wish it came with some T10 steel hard ware instead

    Had the knife less then a week

  5. Ethan Tawney

    Incredible. Just incredible. Beautiful knife with awesome bushing system, no tap straight out of the mail and so sharp it’s crazy. The long shipping is totally worth it.

  6. javari

    Would this get into NewZealand?

    • admin

      Yes. No problem.

  7. Putin

    Would you ship the Knife to germany ?

    • admin


  8. ARO

    Czy istnieje możliwość odrobienia do niego ostrza treningowego ?

  9. Tobias winterladner

    Amazing knife for the price comes racer sharp out the box.

  10. Putin

    How long would the shipping take? Would it be possible to pack that package inconspicuously. Balisongs are illegal in Germany. Thank you for the quick answere. Your balisongs are amazing 👌👌👌

  11. Chris

    Such an awesome flipper. No tap and the bushings Are great. The Kratos is great for fanning and rollovers. It sounds amazing too. The Bowie blade is super sleek and the crowned spine is a very nice touch and makes it very comfortable for chaplins. Can’t go wrong especially for the price. Very well built

  12. Marcus Stoll

    Can you ship these to the U.S.

    • admin

      Yes, no problem.

  13. Noah

    Ok so I was looking to get into flipping, with that being said needed something solid, this knife is an incredible flipper and will is without a doubt as capable as balisongs twice as expensive. I did not hesitate to purchase and am 100% satisfied. Pull the trigger

  14. Daniel (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect balisong for an absolute bargain price!

    Bushing system is smooth as can be with little to no handle play. Though the handles are aluminium the blade doesn’t outweigh the handles, and ends up very well balanced. Came with a razor sharp blade.

    This knife was also promptly posted to a country where balisongs aren’t allowed, and there were no issues at all!

    Overall great balisong and great customer service!

  15. Ben

    Absolutely stunning knife. Beautiful craftsmanship and an amazing flipper. Unfortunately had some problems shipping, through no fault of Atropos, but he sent a new one with Express shipping for no extra charge. Amazing knife, I would recommend this knife to anyone who enjoys a good knife or a good flipper.

  16. Brianna Adams (verified owner)

    Just received my Kratos lite! Excellent work! I like this balisong very much! Flips smoothly and feels great in the hand. Highly recommend.

  17. GyuYoung

    I received this product after 2 months of ordering it. I ordered the trainer version and I am Korean. I like it because it’s big and light, but the unfortunate thing is that the bushing doesn’t work, but it is a very good trainer.

  18. Marta Kostyra (verified owner)

    Nóż jest bardzo dobry , jednak dostałem ostrze które jest zrobione ze stali N690 a nie D2 czy to jest normalne??? I czy można dokupić hardware???

  19. Dylan Jay

    Amazing flipper. Pretty sharp too. The day I got it, I was flipping naked and tried a power aerial. I missed it and it basically almost chopped my penis off. I was erect too so it was bloody and it got me pretty good, I think it cut more than half way lol!!!

  20. Kevin Strus (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this knife. If you want high quality knife for a bargain price, this Kratos Lite is your ticket. Never have I ever had a knife sharp enough to shave right off the bat, and it sounds like a beauty. The wait was long but every minute was worth it. Keep in mind, it will be bigger than you first expect, at least it was for me. If you’re hesitant to buy this knife, go for it. I promise you won’t regret it :)))

  21. Dustin

    Dose it come with textured handles?

    • admin

      Not now

  22. Noah

    great beginner bali. ive had mine about a year and it has held up great

  23. Andrew baker (verified owner)

    Super nice knife. Amazingly balanced and flips really good. Couldn’t ask for a better one. Super sharp too! The blade looks super cool, and I’m sure I’ll keep cutting myself with it. Overall great knife.

  24. Desouza

    Will this ship to guyana

  25. Lee Fields

    Best balisongs in the world for the price. Outstanding quality and customer service. Only took about a month to get to the US. Highly recommended!

  26. David Hughes

    Do the two pocket clips that you sell fit on the latchless version of this knife? I noticed that the latchless version has two screws at the bottom that look like they would fit your pocket clips.

    • admin


  27. Austin

    This thing is amazing! Just buy it, don’t think twice.

  28. nendos

    Will this be able to ship to Australia?

    • admin

      In two separate packages. Separate blade and separate handles.

  29. Noah

    I was wondering if the latch version can still have the option of putting on the pocket clip because the pictures look like there isn’t screws at the bottom

    • admin


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