Kirat Classic

(3 customer reviews)

240.00 $



Stainless steel N690 (58-59 HRC)

Titanium milled handles

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Blade length 4.33 inch

Full length 10.43 inch

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers

Titanium latch or latchless

Weight 5.9 o.z.

3 reviews for Kirat Classic

  1. Gohma (verified owner)

    My EDC knife, perfrct work horse and still a ton of fun to flip

  2. PAND3MIC (verified owner)

    Solid-feeling knife with smooth action. It’s long and heavy-feeling, but the zen pins give it great agility. It also sounds great when you flip it- a “click” with a slight rattle; almost like a ball-bearing bouncing on a solid surface. I can’t directly compare it to any other bali I have used. It’s almost like a bigger, stronger Benchmade 42, but rounder and more ergonomic in the hand. The plain finish on the handles looks and feels excellent. Unpolished matte makes the titanium age well; it gains “personality” as it wears with use. With the thick, machete-shaped blade and overall stature, it has a distinct and tough appearance. The month-long shipping time is well worth it at the price point. Extremely recommendable knife, extremely recommendable maker.

  3. Alessio Marini (verified owner)

    Really cool knife, enjoyable to flip and cuts like a razor, thank you Konstantin!

    I recommend it!!

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