Kirat 2 grey titanium

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If you want the best balisong for EDC Kirat 2 is your choice.
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Steel N690

59 HRC

Titanium channel handles

Zen pins

Stainless bushings

Blade length 4.25 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 9.84 inch

Stainless+brass latch

Weight 4.7 oz

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Latchless, Standard

30 reviews for Kirat 2 grey titanium

  1. Lucas

    hello. I want to give you some feedback on your knife. Overall very good and solid. The bushings work very well and since they are bigger than the actual blade width they function the way they should. No tap and full swing. I really like the new version of your knives. With the handle flats and shortened handles they work very well. Keep that up. Also if I had to make any changes to the original design I would have made the zen pin cups smaller and more flush with the blade so when doing chaplins it is smooth. A gentle curve in then would help a lot. I also recommend trying to make the zen pins a little smaller. But you make great products a great price. I’ll probably buy another one if one like what I described comes out. I personally got a regrind to a Bowie I’m the blade so make it more rear bias.

  2. Devin

    Just got my knife today I removed the latch on it and it flips perfectly. Really can’t be happier with this knife and I am glad to buy from this company for my first real good quality butterfly. I absolutely love the shape of the handles making the flipping experience smooth and hassle free. I would for sure recommend this knife to others especially for it’s value, looks and performance.

  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    A 245 dollar knife, with a quality and value of a 400-500 dollar knife. It’s a great flipper, balance is spot-on (very neutral). Aerials are super predictable, fans are AMAZING (idk What about it makes fanning so good but it is). If you want to purchase as a flipper, please do. It is also an amazing EDC knife. NOTE that it actually comes with n690 instead of d2, which is a better choice of steel. Not sure why he has D2 on the description. If you watched the review on Will Hirsch’s channel, which I have. I noticed that removing the latch was way easier, and that the screws he used were consistent all around (they come with torques when you buy the knife). So in that regard Atropos has improved on. BUT LETS ALSO TALK ABOUT THEIR BANGER CUSTOMER SERVICE. My knife was on “process” way longer than it should have (around 14 days) and I told them about it, then the next day he instantly shipped it for me and gave a complimentary leather case for the delay! Awesome customer service. Will buy again. I’m sorry if this review seems a little scattered, but it is what it is.

  4. Alan

    An excellent balisong from an excellent company!

    The Kirat 2 (Titanium Channel) is the best titanium channel design balisong you can get for the price. The balance is neutral with slight handle bias, and the weight and feel are absolutely perfect. Considering the price and quality, it is far superior to other popular ti channel balisongs such as the ChAB and Benchmade 4x series. If you are a flipper, collector, or if you just want a balisong for EDC, the Kirat 2 is the balisong for you!

    What makes any knife from Atropos even more worth the price is their dedication to their work. Konstantin has provided above and beyond customer service that is unparalleled by most US knife companies. Buy with confidence from Atropos or directly from Konstantin, you will not be disappointed!

  5. Scotty P (verified owner)

    Just got the kirat 2 and I haven’t put it down yet. Has such a natural feel in your hand. I was worried about shipping with Covid and everything but I got this knife about 20 days after I ordered it. Honestly that’s faster then I probably would’ve expected it even if there wasn’t a virus! I could not say enough great things about the customer service at Atropos. Super nice guy and easy to communicate with. I have two more knives on the way already and I plan on buying many many more. If you want to get one pull the trigger and do it!

  6. Scotty P (verified owner)

    Just got the kirat 2 and I haven’t put it down Since I got it. Shipping was fast, I got it about 20 days after I ordered it from Russia to South Florida. There aren’t enough great things I could say about the customer service at Atropos. I have two more knives on the way already and plan on ordering more in the future. Pull the trigger and order some knives from Russia now!

  7. Evan (verified owner)

    For the price it’s a top flipper, same size as an ab but a nice floaty feel when flipping. Has all the good steels and tolerances of a bali at top prices. Don’t hesitate if you want a great flipper that won’t break the bank

  8. Tobias

    I have received my kirat 3 Yesterday and i Just want evereybody to know even If you buy the Patches Version i think that there isnt the Same weight Problem Like with the old kirat
    It is the perfect knive for everyone who is in the Hobby👍

  9. Сергей

    Все на высшем уровне, одной рукой нож кручу другой слёзы счастья вытираю, очень доволен, спасибо.

  10. Justin

    Just received!!! Very impressed. The craftsmanship that goes into these is amazing. Im not a flipper but after picking this up and seeing how smooth it is. That will change!

  11. Drew (verified owner)

    A remarkable deal which leaves me completely speechless. It flips beautifully, a lot like a BM-42, some may say even better. I had a BM 42 for 7 years and the kirat 2 is more than comparable. It is made of the finest materials and is a product of impressive individual craftsmanship. It is impossible to aquire a knife of this quality made in the U.S. without spending twice the money. Any fan of balisongs should add this to their collection lest they miss out on an exceptional knife. If you are new to balisongs and are thinking about getting a BM51, a Bradley, or a Kershaw Lucha, get this instead. I like those knives for different reasons, but this one is better. If you are in the states it usually take 20 days to get to you, but it is worth the wait.

  12. Julien Simek

    I just received my Kirat 2 today and I love it. It’s gorgeous, the blade is amazing, the satin finish is gorgeous and the titanium handles are amazing sandblasted. It flips like a champ the weight and 130 grams, no blade play, no tap. The communication is great, the boss of this company deserves all the favorable opinions given to him! Buy 01/09/2021 received 02/12/2021. Thank you very much I will definitely be back in a while to buy the demon 2 because I find it beautiful too. Best regards, see you soon!

  13. Eli (verified owner)

    Very good knife
    Extremely smooth
    Lightweight for its size
    Good size and blade shape
    Excellent fit and finish
    I highly recommend it

  14. Casey Laundrie (verified owner)

    I bought this knife strictly on recommendation from Will Hirsch. However, I bought 2 other knives after I fell in love with this one. Great craftsmanship, great design, great knife. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

  15. Nate walker

    More than remarkable craftsmanship, beautiful razor sharp blade, and ideal sandblast finish that makes the grip ridiculous.It’s the ideal neutral feeling and the tolerances are top notch, not anything bad I can say about this knife it’s a notable flipper and cant wait to get another.

  16. Dan S

    I purchased two of these (both latch-less). There was a shipping issue with one of the two knives. After a reasonable wait to see if the knife would arrive (it didnt), Konstantin sent a replacement which just arrived yesterday. Konstantin is a stand up guy and was quick to sort out the shipping issue. One on the Kirats was a Christmas gift and the other was for me. My buddy that I gave the Kirat to, loved it. He flips (I dont). Since I dont flip, I cant really make a subjective review on the Kirat as a flipper, but I do know and appreciate quality. I have one other balisong knife (BM62) and must say; the fit, finish, materials, and overall quality are as good as my Benchmade. Awesome knife at a great price.

  17. Christopher (verified owner)

    The customer service was committed. I purchased this knife on sale, as did many – I can only assume this impacted the build. All my concerns were addressed same day and updates were provided within hours every time I asked, and I asked a lot.
    Konstantin Sazhin will get you your knife!

    The knife overall is reliable, smooth, ergonomic, and designed. Tolerances were perfect. The handles grip your palm and are reliably predictable while flipping.
    The balance is directly behind the ‘tang’. The blade is discrete and broadly curved, easy to clear and non-aggressive which increases my confidence while flipping.
    The overall knife is light and great for a first-timer or pro and the sound it makes while flipping timid and doesn’t bother my wife.

    The knife came with a thin black leather sheath & sticker.

    Great price and performance.
    Keep the fire alive Atropos.

  18. Augustus Bachelor (verified owner)

    Amazing flipper just overall. If you get the latchless version it’s just ever so slightly handle bias, perfect in my opinion. You won’t see this quality at this price range anywhere else. The blade came stupid sharp, I mean crazy hairsplitting sharp, this thing genuinely scares me. Their customer service is also great. I did not receive a sticker in my package, I emailed him and within a day he sent one out for me. The only reason I deducted a star is because the washers aren’t the highest quality, they’ve proved to be quite noisy but have slowly broken in and become smoother, although they are still oddly tarnished.

  19. Landon (verified owner)

    I love this knife! Once again my expectations have been exceeded. I will be a long time customer for sure. Definitely worth the money and the well worth the wait. Thanks again Atropos!

  20. Landon (verified owner)

    I love this knife! Once again my expectations have been exceeded. I will be a long time customer for sure. Definitely worth the money and well worth the wait. Thanks again Atropos!

  21. Ethan Owen (verified owner)

    great balance, feels very nice in the hands. cuts beautifully! love this knife

  22. Garrett Bemis (verified owner)

    Despite having to jump through some some sketchy hoops for payment that had me calling up and authorizing the transaction with my bank and accidentally buying two (which Atropos graciously corrected and refunded), I received the bali with no issue.

    In my entirely subjective opinion, this Bali is VERY well made. The build feels, to me, sturdy and solid, the balance feels great, and the blade is beautifully sculpted. I’m still learning how to handle one of these properly, so I’m sticking with my cheap trainers for the time being, so I’m extremely cautious with my Atropos. But if I were to need a blade in a pinch, a basic opener gives me access the best blade I’ve ever owned.

    I just wish the transaction process were a bit less of a hassle. But since it doesn’t affect the bali, I won’t reduce my rating.

    Good stuff, Atropos. This product is quality, and excellent and responsive customer service. Спасибо, Атропос <3

    P.S. got a sticker AND a magnet. Score.

  23. Moroni Webb

    This is by far the most amazing Balisong I have ever laid my hands on! The Kirat 2 comes ready to flip, light, sharp, and amazingly balanced! EDC worthy for the true worker, handy man, or in the clinch. Flips as smooth as butter or smoother. The price can’t be beat for the quality of the craftsmanship, superb. You can get flippers more expensive than this and aren’t even close flipping this well, Atreposeknife proves this with skill! Customer service is amazing 👏🙌. Shipping was quick. I shall be purchasing another and encouraging my friends to do so as well.

  24. e.balisc

    Ordered a polished,anodised and latchless Kirat 2 and honestly Its an amazing flipper and tolerances are great for it to be handmade.

    As a flipper and collector I understand these knives are handmade so I’m not going to criticize Konstantins work for tiny imperfections, we are humans we aren’t perfect, if someone wants a perfect knife they get a knife made by a machine aka CNC, but aside from that I think his work on the knife I bought is really solid for flipping and EDC and the imperfections add to its style, my only thing Id like to be different would be the zen pin Screws as they are security T8 and I don’t have that type of torx driver.

    Good job!

  25. Taylor (verified owner)

    Step aside benchmade this is the new 42!!!!!!
    This knife is one of the better ones out there!!! I own plenty of knives from brs to benchmade and squid. Lots of my knives are modded too. But this one is the perfect knife for the price. It flips superbly balance it on point and I can do all my tricks flawlessly. I was nervous to get this knife because I thought it was too good to be true, but its amazing in every way. This knife proves that titanium channel knives don’t have to be so expensive. P.s this also arrive in record time it took less than a month.

  26. k.w. (verified owner)

    Great quality and amazing price. I would recommend this knife for a first time purchaser. I would also suggest getting a g10 version as well since the handles are rounded on the milled ti handels and squared on the g10/ micarta version. I bought this and a Mood version and I am very pleased. I also bought a trainer and can say anything you do decide to get will be a great choice and you will be pleased.

  27. Tsui Chan (verified owner)

    These knives are handmade so I’m expecting some imperfections, but for EDC balisong you won’t get any better than what they offer to you. Talking about the price and material.

  28. Christophe (verified owner)

    Must have, BM42 killer for 1/3 price, perfect flipper and EDC

  29. N.MM

    im new on this, looks awesome, you have so many knifes. make one latchless with Tanto blade and no color to handles.

  30. Albert Colon (verified owner)

    Overall a great knife to flip and just a beautiful work of art to own. Its pretty neutral with a tiny amount of handle bias, the edge came razor sharp, no machining blemishes or marks on handles and blade, and little to no handle play straight out of the box. Currently my favorite knife to flip!

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