Kali’s mercy

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Kukri blade balisong for decapitate.

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Steel N690

59 HRC

Titanium milled handles

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Blade length 4.33 inch

Full length 10.43 inch

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers

Titanium latch or latchless

Weight 5.9 o.z.

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Latchless, Trainer

4 reviews for Kali’s mercy

  1. Knifejack 714 (verified owner)

    Good looking balisong. Good weight, flips really nice!!! I’m no expert, but for the things I do… very intuitive and easy to handle!!! With many options it can be your perfect balisong!!!

  2. Henry D Snyder

    I’ve had this balisong for nearly half a year now and it hasn’t left my pocket since. It flips well, feels great in hand, and is very utilitarian. I would highly recommend this knife as both an EDC option and of course as a flipper since it’s nicely balanced and handles aerials very well. The K100 steel featured on this blade is pretty decent in my experience. It sharpens and holds a working edge reasonably well and I haven’t had an issue with it rusting except for when it fell in the ocean. Great knife!

  3. Lilith Amy (verified owner)

    I love this knife, it might be my favorite object I’ve ever owned. for one thing its absolutely huge at 11″ which I think helps it aerial more predictably, because aerials are easy and satisfying, the blade is scary sharp and I’ve done most of my flipping with it taped to protect my hands. It flips neutrally, which I’m still getting used to but enjoy so far. has nearly no play, beautifully tuned out of the box. The handle finish is silky yet grippy, and the roundness of the handles has greatly helped in fanning tricks (I finally managed to learn choker fans on this knife after struggling with my much heavier Schrade Manila Folder, 8 ounces, I named it Big Floppa), other tricks like ladders can suffer from the round handles because the handle can turn in my grip. chaplins are also very pleasant with the chamfer on the blade spine and the balance keeping it near my finger.

    I’ve put this through heavy use, I’ve been flipping it a ton and the handle gap has closed considerably, until eventually slapping together, I was able to fix this by rotating the zen pins so the dent faced somewhere else, but eventually ill have to replace them. luckily zen pins are a much easier fix than tang pins, so this knife will probably live for decades.

    I have not had the chance yet to use the blade “for decapitate” but nonetheless I decided to name mine Guillotine Pillow Princess. one of these days I plan to get it custom anodized in a Lesbian Flag color scheme (orange fade to magenta)

  4. Zack (verified owner)

    It’s a big Bali, and it flips great, fans excellently. Had really good tolerances out of the box, been flipping for a few weeks and had no tap develop so far. My expectations were surpassed greatly.

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