Fortress 2 SPY

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Fortress 2 spy balisong!

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Steel D2

60 HRC

Titanium sandwich handles

Zen pins

Stainless bushings

Blade length 4.25 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 9.84 inch


Weight 5.3 oz

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Blue team, Green, Pink team, Stonewashed, Trainer

28 reviews for Fortress 2 SPY

  1. Ted Lee (verified owner)

    One hellova knife!! Looks beautiful and from one of my favorite games too!! Always wanted a knife the spy uses.

  2. Justen Mcmurtrie (verified owner)

    When I got the email that it was at my post office I went to see if I could pick it up and as soon as I got it from them went straight home to see it in person definitely worth the asking price. And will eventually will buy from aging

  3. Marcial Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I waited a little over a month but it was worth the wait. I will be buying from here again.

  4. Ashton (verified owner)

    Great knife shipping took about a month and a half my only complaint the flips really well not play or tap and looks good amazing knife for the price

  5. Logan (verified owner)

    Very impressive knife, worth every penny. Unfortunately mine came with two scratches in the blue stripe paint, other than that it’s perfect.

  6. Andrew

    Bought this about 2 weeks ago & received it today. I cannot give enough praise to the craftsmanship with the case & blade itself. Came with a leather sheath & a zipper fabric bag. Honestly I’m going to buy most of my knives from Atropos just based off this purchase.

  7. Sergejs Bulavskis

    This knife is perfect. Got mine with no play no tap out of the box, crazy sharp. Carries momentum like no other, suitable for every trick. Fanning with this knife is smoooth as butter, switching from guided fan into rolling is seamless. Sound is great. Only thing I don’t like about this balisong is the fact that I have only one)

  8. Luke D. (verified owner)

    This is my 4th Atropos balisong. I own the Demon, Demon Bro, Kirat, and now this. I am blown away AGAIN! The pictures do not do this knife justice. It is beautifully simple. The attention to detail is the same as every Atropos knife I own, 10 out of 10. The balance is spot on neutral. It is the first non-round handle design I have and I LOVE it. This is crazy for only $150. Zero tap and zero play. It did develop some after heavy flipping, but that is because they come without loctite. Solved that straight away. It came in a nice leather pouch in a handmade bag for shipping along with a tool and some extra screws. Great buy.

  9. Monsieur Balisong (verified owner)

    What a knife. Came quickly, and flips smoothly. It’s Wright distribution and handle bias feels similar to a replicant, and flips amazingly. Looks a lot like the Spy’s knife too!

  10. Justin Reinsma (verified owner)

    Purchased the blue ano version, can’t overstate that it’s very well built. It’s even more beautiful in person. It flips good, I would give it a 9/10 if possible, but mine came with a just ever so slightly undersized bushing, and I think that a latch would go a long way to make it look closer to the original inspiration, even if most of us would just remove it immediately anyway. Generally speaking, I have to say I prefer a bit more of a handle bias, as this knife is super neutrally balanced. As it arrived, without any tuning it has very little play and just barely a bit of tap on the safe handle.

    If you’re on the fence, any Atropos knife is killer value, and this one is no exception. I also received not only a leather sleeve for the knife, but a cool yellow tool-pouch as well, which is a fantastic freebie.

    Also, can’t appreciate this enough, shipped internationally in 2 parts, no issues.

  11. Jack Furgeson

    Does the trainer come with the blue stripes or is it completely grey? I want a trainer but with the blue stripes for tf2 spy authenticity.

    • admin


  12. idan

    Any way to get the blue team one with a stonewashed blade?

    • admin

      Write this in order’s note and I’ll understand

  13. Theesius Avarikos (verified owner)

    Excellent knife. Quality is superb, excellent attention to detail. Mine did come with one slightly oversized bushing but that’s very uncommon, most I’ve seen arrive perfectly tuned. Feel no hesitation whatsoever when deciding to buy one of these.

  14. zombiehunter308 (verified owner)

    i was my first live blade bali and its honestly a whole different level cut my self in the first 20 minutes but its the smoothest and well tuned definitely worth the wait definitely buying more products

  15. Christophe (verified owner)

    Very good flipper, well balanced, sensations very close to a Replicant

  16. Andrew Hwang (verified owner)

    Beautiful knife and great customer service 100% reccommend

  17. onion (verified owner)

    Hi! I ordered the Fortress 2 (looks amazing!), but I accidentally double-ordered. Can you please cancel and refund one of them?

    The order numbers are #12195 and 12196

    • admin


  18. todd (verified owner)

    wonderful knife. very nostalgic. however, mine has either came with or developed tap after a drop and there’s no way to tune it out even with sanding the bushings; ended up making it undersized and there’s still tap with a stuck handle. sanded the pivot down a little so the bushing was the perfect size again for free swing but i will forever have tap with this knife, but that is okay with me because i am the spy.

  19. Matthew Ryder (verified owner)

    This balisong came perfect for me, no rat no tap. It’s flips pretty well, it can do pretty much anything. I got it a lil more custom, I asked him to give a purple ano and a stonewash blade, and he did it! I’ve bought several of his knives in the past, and his customer service is above and beyond. So for the price of a squid trainer you can get ti and bushings, just unbeatable.

  20. J Lutz (verified owner)

    Amazing knife, smooth as butter. Took a while to get to me in mid America, but all things considered it got here relatively fast.

  21. Izthewiz (verified owner)

    Hello! I was wondering will my order be shipped? Order #12546 Thank you!

    • admin


  22. Taylor L (verified owner)

    Order #13123 , so i have yet to get my knife and will do an updated review when i receive the order. But i was wondering when the estimated delivery would be at?

    • admin


  23. TaylorL (verified owner)

    Order #13123 , i ordered quite awhile ago and i paid the extra $40 for fast shipping with ems. Can i get an estimated time it will arrive?

    • admin


  24. Alen

    The handles should be fully anodizable right?

  25. TaylorL (verified owner)

    So i ordered my knife and holster about two and a half weeks ago order #13123 and i cant seem to get a tracking number and was wondering if one could be provided please?

    • admin


  26. TaylorL (verified owner)

    So i ordered my knife and holster about two and a half weeks ago order #13123 and i cant seem to get a tracking number and was wondering if one could be provided please and thank you?

    • admin


  27. Gohma (verified owner)

    I ordered a few knifes from here, and this is one I really enjoy flipping, very well balanced and some weight to it

  28. Yuri Ruzilo

    any way I can get a trainer with the blue colourway?

    • admin

      Write this in order’s note and I’ll understand

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