Devil’s moon set

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615.00 $ 430.50 $



Trainer (440C) blade and live blade (Laminated steel Bohler B400+D2)

59-60 HRC

Titanium milled handles

Double anodizing (Blue and Gold)

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Blade length 4.33 inch

Full length 10.43 mm

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers

Stainless latch

Weight 5.9 o.z.

4 reviews for Devil’s moon set

  1. Joshua Janes (verified owner)

    Love these knives. the Blade finish is so awesome, it has a iridescent quality. the photos make it look orange, but it has tones of purple and green when the light hits it.
    They have a classic rustic balisong look and fill, but the washers and bushings give it a modern smoothness when flipping….I just might have to break my no knives in 2021 newyears resolution to get another one.

    The only thing I didn’t like, are the channels could be a little smoother, their cut at sharp angle and are a hot spot, not uncomfortable unless you were doing some cutting tasks that involved a tight grip.

    They flip amazingly. the set is awesome. and it came with a leather sheath to put them in. Great knives, great flippers.

  2. cold tofu

    A very nice knife. I’m sorry I can’t buy it because I don’t have money.
    Is there any information about selling only trainers?

  3. Alicia (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful set, and of such great quality.
    The pictures don’t do the set justice, they look fantastic. The design is sleek, and is exceptionally unique.
    Flipping action is effortless and smooth.
    Both the trainer and knife are a little heavier then expected, but the quality makes the extra weight worth it.
    Shipping to the states took some time, as expected. But, the seller was exceptional with communication and responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had.
    I would purchase this set again, and I will continue to purchase from this seller.

  4. Ilian (verified owner)

    For this price I expected more to be honest. The live blade flips fantastic but it has an imperfection at the base of the blade where there is discolouring. It’s smaller than a pinky nail but it is still noticeable. The trainer blade has a scratchy sound when handles swing. Given that both blades use security torx for the pivot screws I’m going to have to buy a set just for the knives. Also btw on the pictures it’s shown regular torx for the screws. The set also came without any spare parts.

    Apart from all that. Both knives flip fantastically. They are absolutely beautiful and I love them. It’s just I expected perfection for this price, unfortunately they are not perfect. Very close to perfect but not quite.

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