Devil Purple moon

(5 customer reviews)

500.00 $



Steel Oxidation Laminate D2 and Bohler B400


Titanium anodizing handles

Stainless steel bushings

Bronze washers


Blade length 110 mm

Blade thickness 3.8 mm

Full length 265 mm

Weight 180 gramm


5 reviews for Devil Purple moon

  1. Metalmark

    Lots of love and detail put into these. Beautifully hand crafted .

  2. Alex Dwyer (verified owner)

    Id give this balisong more stars if it was physically possible. Just recieved it in the mail and Im so blown away.absolutely speechless. The level of craftsmanship that went into this knife is truely incredible from the blade alone which is so beautiful to look at, to the stunning anodizing on the handles. Its truely a work of art and is so buttery to flip. If you have the money to spend, dont even second guess yourself and get this knife. You will thank yourself

  3. Colby-shaun

    For the craftsmanship behind the knife, it was really well put together it’s so fluid, with each open it’s smooth and the aesthetic is so pleasing. I got green anodized and I must say I am very pleased with the balisong. If by any chance you are looking for an all around knife I would highly recommend buying this.

  4. Alan Morrison

    This knife is a dream come true!
    Is it possible to love a knife?
    Yes! It feels amazing, so well made.
    Flips like butter and makes a
    really nice sound too.
    It’s a treasure, thank you!

  5. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Super smooth to flip, pictures do not justify how this nice
    this knife looks in person, absolutely love it

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