Demon BRO

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Balisong for flipping and EDC.

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Steel N690

60 HRC

Titanium liners

Russian micarta overlays

Stainless bushings

Titanium spacers

Blade length 4.25 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 9.84 inch

Titanium latch or Latchless

Weight 4.6 oz

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Classic, Latchless

13 reviews for Demon BRO

  1. Jacques YLLOUZ (verified owner)

    Really good knife out of the box, came with no tap and bearly no play if tuned right. It sounds really bouncy and silent at the same time, the smaller zen nipple is super well done and it never bothered be while flipping.The knife came scary sharp in a perfect condition.The Demon BRO is just perfect except for the balance, even with brass spacers the balance is still really neutral and a tiny bit handle biased and I prefer handle heavy balisongs, but that’s juste me. I recommend it to everyone who like neutral balanced grippy quality knives.

  2. Jacob Sawyer (verified owner)

    Great Knife! Neutral balance, light weight, beautiful blade! Only 4 stars because my bushings are too small. I was unable to tune my knife to get rid of the tap. as well as my brass spacers weren’t delivered.

  3. Adam Barker (verified owner)

    Very happy with my Demon BRO. It came razor sharp and the tap/play are non-existent on it. I recommend asking for the brass spacers if you are going to take the latch off and flip it. Customer service was very quick to communicate every time I emailed and accommodated every request I had. Atropos really makes some incredible knives and I’ll probably be buying another one soon because this inexpensive knife really impressed me.

  4. Tony Catbagan (verified owner)

    Beautiful Balisong! I’m not the best at flipping but it makes the tricks I know feel effortless! At this price it cannot be beat! My experience has been top notch with customer service as well, super friendly.

  5. Chris Williams (verified owner)

    This is my third Atropos knife and I have one more on the way. My others are the titanium versions and I wanted to give this version a try. This is a great knife. The description is correct by describing this one as a flipper. It comes to life in your hands.

  6. Dave (verified owner)

    This is my third bali I’ve ever owned and by far the best. I’m new to the flipping scene but I consider myself a hardcore knife enthusiast. I’m not gonna act like I know about how a balisong should be as far as weight, handling etc. At least not for Bali’s. But I know craftsmanship pretty well and for 132$ this is by far worth more than that. The grind work on the knife is top notch. The way the hollow grind transitions to the convex style tanto tip, very nice. Obviously someone who knows what they’re doing. Even the secondary bevel (cutting edge) is flawless. It’s practically like a micro-bevel, almost like you see on a microtech otf. There’s no hot spots if you actually want to bare down and do some heavy cutting and it will do it, rather nicely too. The edges of the micarda and ti liners are nice and smooth. My knife came about as good as you could ask for. Let’s not forget the blade shape, I would love to see it on a folding knife and I would definitely buy it. It’s sexy but practical. It really cuts like a demon…I know shameful remark. If this were made in the U.S., my opinion says easily marked at 185$-200$. Hell maybe more. Thank you Arty also for replying quickly to any of my questions or concerns.

  7. isaac

    extremely good price for such a high quality balisong. great weight, grip and feeling of the bali. good customer service, really cannot go wrong with one of these, it s a must buy.

  8. Borja Alsina Pinilla (verified owner)

    Amazing knife and the customer service is amazing too!!

  9. Greaves

    Great customer service, i sent my handle back to be maintained and it got lost, so he just sent me a brand new free one!

  10. Landon (verified owner)

    The quality of this knife exceeded my expectations. Not only a good looking knife but a Good knife for everyday use that is also very flippable however be careful this knife came razor sharp. Amazing customer service. I have two more knives on the way and will be ordering more in the future I’m sure. I’m in the states and I would say that the wait is worth it. Keep it up Atropos 👍

  11. Eilia Nejad (verified owner)

    It’s a great knife for someone getting into the hobby, the zen pins are very nice and the blade is just beautiful. It is extremely comfortable to flip but I highly recommend flipping over a bed or couch because the handle material is pretty fragile. After dropping it a few times I noticed a crack near the spacer screws. If durability isn’t a concern I highly recommend this.

  12. Dan Jonas

    Absolutely perfect balisong, best i’ve ever flipped! I’ve only ever had a Squiddy clone and I could never fan before but these handles are perfect for it! Balanced, sharp, perfect quality. Highly recommended!

  13. Kyle Davis (verified owner)

    I’ve carried this knife for almost a year now. Used it for both flipping and EDC for work. No tap and little play out of the box, and after months of abuse and little maintenance it still doesn’t tap and has some mild handle play. There was quite an initial wait, but the knife is definitely worth it

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