Demon 2 lite latchless

(3 customer reviews)

163.00 $ 114.10 $



Steel D2

60 HRC

Aluminium channel handles


Zen pins

Brass spacers

Stainless bushings

Blade length 4.25 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 9.84 inch

Weight 4.2 oz

3 reviews for Demon 2 lite latchless

  1. Gabe V. (verified owner)

    I normally don’t write reviews but this knife is so amazing for the price that I just have to. As some background, I’m just some dude in SoCal with a limited repertoire of tricks and fairly new to balisongs in general. To give an idea of what I’m comparing this knife against, I own a Squiddy-C, a cheap trainer balisong from Amazon that some YouTuber recommended, and a cheap Benchmark live blade, each respectively being light, average, and heavy.

    With that being said, I have to say the weight is perfect. In fact, everything about the knife seems perfect: the smooth pivots, the blade coming perfectly sharp out of the box, the attention to detail when milling the handles so there are absolutely no sharp edges, the aesthetics, and most importantly, the price. Most quality knives start at double the price of this one but I honestly can’t see how they’d get much better from this.

    Despite all the praise it deserves, I have a couple gripes. It took just under a month to receive it but I guess I can’t really complain since it’s so much value for the price and the customer service was excellent. The one big issue is balance. When open, my cheap balisongs have a center of balance 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up the handle and that seems to be the standard in other knives from what I’ve heard. This balisong has a center of balance essentially at the pivots. It took some time to get the hang of this change but it can make the blade a bit unpredictable at times. Less weight in the handles relative to the blade can make flinging the handles require more effort than I’d expect for such a well weighted knife. This can make fanning a bit weird. Performing the actual fan feels easier with weight equal between the spinning blade and handle, but since it feels that there’s a 50/50 chance the blade will fall one way or another at the end of the trick, it feels harder to control. More weight in the ends of the handles to bring the center of balance lower would easily solve this. I’m sure someone could make some custom weights at the end of the handles to replace the existing ones, though I don’t have the tools for that.

    TLDR: It’s an amazing knife in every way but is held back from perfection due to its center of balance right at the pivots. With this being said, it makes it a poor knife for beginners, an insufficient knife for advanced flippers (unless you’re the kind of person that is looking for this particular balance), but an excellent knife for people like me who love flipping, aren’t too serious about the hobby, and don’t wanna empty their wallet for a quality knife.

  2. Tommy H @badfurniture (verified owner)

    Amazing flipper, great tolerances and neutral balance. Well worth the price! 🙂

  3. Mael (verified owner)

    Bro This Guy as such good feeling to it just perfect the seller us Amazing to, better than other company love from france

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