Balisword Demon

(4 customer reviews)

570.00 $ 399.00 $

The largest balisong in the world



Steel D2

60 HRC

Titanium channel handles

Blade thickness 3.8 mm

Blade length 275 mm

Full length 595 mm

Full milled titanium handles

Stainless bushings

Bronze washers


Weight 12.6 oz.

4 reviews for Balisword Demon

  1. chknflpr

    This is a great product. Powerful and beautiful. Thanks to Atroposknife for making this product. great!

  2. chknflpr

    Not recommended.

  3. Gabrius

    Holy shit this is looks so big

  4. TommyBoy

    I have been looking for a practical, battle-ready balisword for many years now. The few out there are normally anima reproductions that are not practical for anything. This piece came razor sharp, light in hand, and sized right for actual use. Very happy with my purchase. But you must be patient – the Russian postal service is not exactly speedy.

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