Balisword Demon Aluminium

(2 customer reviews)

325.00 $ 227.50 $



Steel 440C

54-55 HRC

Aluminium milled handles

Stainless bushings

Blade length 10.82 inch

Blade thickness 0.15 inch

Full length 23 inch

Stainless latch

Weight 9.6 oz

2 reviews for Balisword Demon Aluminium

  1. Mark Mathison

    🤘🏻 A balisword. So awesome!

  2. Joaquín Guzmán

    This is a great sword, I beheaded about 3-4 people because they tried to scam the cartel. We got rid of them don’t worry ( ;
    BUT it wasn’t a one swing kill. They were still alive after the first hit. So if it was a little sharper I would give it a 5 star. But It’s a nice sword, thanks atropos!

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