Bali-chete “Kirat”

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Steel N690

60 HRC

Blade thickness 3.8 mm

Blade length 90 mm

Full blade length 195 mm

Handles length 115 mm

Titanium handles

Beonze washers

Weight 167 gramm

Leather case

2 reviews for Bali-chete “Kirat”

  1. Deacon Waterman

    It isn’t a bad knife, the handles are actually quite sturdy, but what is the point of it being a balisong if you can’t do tricks with it? You can’t even do a Y2K without the blade hitting your wrist, shoulda just made it a folder. I would get a normal balisong if you’re looking for a knife you can flip.

  2. Luke Hossom

    Not all balisong are for tricks, but this can still do many of them. A good working knife that is awesome. A Transformer that goes from a 3.5″ smaller working size to an almost 8″ combat master in seconds. This is built as strong as a Russian Tank and has perfectly done leather. Very nice!

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